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Philip Siaw Kissi
Mr. Daniel Opoku
Mr. Samuel Ebeneezer Armah


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education is considered as a subject not a programme in Ghanaian Senior High Schools (SHS) curriculum. However, the performance of students offering ICT related programmes in Higher Education is abysmal. Therefore, this study investigated the teachers concerns about making ICT as a programme in Ghanaian Senior High School (SHS) Curriculum. 320 teachers in SHSs in Ghana were used for the study. The study employed a cross-sectional survey approach to investigate the concerns of the teachers. Descriptive statistics and independent sample t-test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test were conducted on the responded survey data. The ICT teachers reported that ICT knowledge is relevant for students in SHS (mean = 3.909, SD = 1.093), the students would have several job opportunities (mean = 3.888, SD = 1.215), and should be made a programme in the SHS curriculum in Ghana (mean = 3.963, SD = 1.105). Also, there was is a statistically significant difference (t (318) = –1.022, p = 0.00 < 0.05) between the concerns of female and male teachers on concerns of making ICT as a course in SHS curriculum. Additionally, perceived relevant knowledge of ICT and job opportunity would significantly, F = 138.634 and p = 0.000(< 0.05) influence the making ICT as a programme in SHS curriculum. The findings draw implications for the Ministry of Education and SHS curriculum planners in updating curriculum to prepare SHS students with the essential ICT knowledge and skills higher education and future employment.

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Mr. Daniel Opoku, University of Education, Winneba Department of Management Sciences

Daniel Opoku is a young technology lecturer and a researcher who focuses on developing and promoting ideas and concepts into sustainable projects of commercial value. Currently, he is a lecturer in the Departments of Management Sciences at the UEW.


Mr. Samuel Ebeneezer Armah , University of Education, Winneba Institute for Distance and e-learning

Samuel Ebenezer Armah, MPhil., Chief Administrative Assistant in charge of Institute for Distance and e-learning (IDeL) students’ records at the University of Education, Winneba. He is also ICT Part-Time Lecturer at IDeL of the University of Education, Winneba