EPOSTL: Revisiting the roles of language teachers at a recently established ELT department.

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Erkan Yüce


The present study investigated the self-perceptions of student teachers on the role of language teachers stated in the EPOSTL at a recently established ELT department in a public university. The descriptors in the Role of the Language Teacher part of the EPOSTL were adapted into five-point Likert-type items changing from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The quantitative inquiry was employed to the data through computer software. The first research question was answered through percentages (%) and frequencies (f); the other two research questions were answered through Independent-Samples T-Test by comparing the means (X̄) and standard deviations (SD). The results were reported descriptively at the end. According to the results, some of the student teachers of ELT had difficulty in relating theory and practice, giving constructive feedback and accepting feedback, conducting action researches to solve classroom problems, and following the scientific documents in language teaching. Based on the results, several pedagogical implications that can be implemented for the forthcoming ELT classes at the department were suggested.

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