Examining studies on the factors predicting teachers' job satisfaction: A systematic review

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Mahmut Polatcan
Ramazan Cansoy


This study focuses on the factors that predict teachers' job satisfaction. Twenty-seven out of 206 studies were examined based on various criteria. The studies were synthesised in accordance with systematic review methods. The studies that investigated teachers' job satisfaction and were conducted in the Turkish context were retrieved from WOS, ERIC, SCOPUS and ULAKBİM databases, and then the selected studies were analysed. In the analyses, themes and subthemes related to the predictive variables were formed. As a result, three themes that positively predicted teachers' job satisfaction were highlighted. These themes were administrators' behaviours, individual variables and organisational variables. The results showed that a strong school culture in which support, trust, justice and communication are established is a decisive factor in ensuring teachers' job satisfaction. Additionally, teachers' beliefs in their professional competence and having psychological well-being were found to be important factors for their job satisfaction.

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