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Sait Akbaşlı


Within the scope of “Nature Education” project by TUBITAK Science Department, which aims to provide a wide ecology vision and teach the language of nature to young research assistants from different departments, master and doctorate students and scoutleader teachers; in July, five years time the Project of “Ecology-Based Nature Education around Göksu Valley and Delta” was carried out. 149 people participated in this program. In the research, qualitative and quantitative research methods are used together. A form consisting of 20 questionnaires and 3 open-ended questions was used and the obtained data were analyzed. Codes were created in the direction of the answers given to the open-ended questions, and the opinions of the participants were interpreted by associating the generated codes. As a result of this research, the participants’ expectations of the nature education projects were met and achieved the result of leaving it with a vision of a wide ecology.

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Sait Akbaşlı, Hacettepe University, Educational Faculty

Department of Educational Sciences Division of Educational Administration Beytepe/ Ankara/ TURKEY