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Nakintorn Pattanachai
San Namtaku


Fermented fish is a famous local food knowledge in northeast region of Thailand and now it is expanding to be national food branding. The purpose of this research were to 1) study of type of raw fish for producing fermented fish, 2) develop database system on type of raw fish for producting local fermented fish and 3) encourage knowledge transfer activities, using a database system for people in the community. Fifty people voluntarily participated in this study as participants. The research instruments were an interview form, database system, the performance evaluation form and a satisfaction questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis were percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results showed that 1) raw fish for producing fermented fish could be divided into 2 groups according to morphology; 28 types of scaled fishes, 13 types of leather fish, total 41 types 2) database system, there are 3 components: general user, member users and administrator, which has the ability to display, search, add, edit, delete information about fish and user information, the overall efficiency of the system was 97.92% and 3) the results of knowledge transfer on the use of a database system found satisfaction overall at high level.

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Nakintorn Pattanachai, Kalasin University

Nakintorn Pattanachai is lecturer at Department of Computer, Faculty of Education and Educational Innovation, Kalasin University, Thailand. She Holds a M.Sc. degree in computer science from the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, with specialization in recognition a tooth in dental X-ray images. Her research areas are computer education, image/signal processing, medical image analysis and pattern recognition. She has authored or coauthored 4 publications: 3 proceedings and 1 journal, with 3 H-index and more than 40 citations. Her research interests include computer education, image/signal processing, medical image and analysis and pattern recognition. She can be contacted at email: [email protected].