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Tugba Sömen


Including literary materials in the teaching process of Social Studies course, which includes many disciplines including literature, enables students to increase their interest and participation in the course and to develop their mental skills. In this context, this study aims to determine the opinions of prospective teachers and secondary school students about the use of literary materials as a teaching material in Social Studies course. The research was structured in a basic qualitative study model. The study group of the research consists of 7 prospective teachers, fourth-year students studying in the Department of Social Studies Education at a public university (Kafkas University) in 2019, and 20 students, studying in the 6th grade at a state secondary school in the centre of Kars. The semi-structured interview form prepared by the researcher was used for data collection. The data obtained show that, according to the prospective social studies teachers and 6th grade students, the use of literary materials as a teaching material in social studies teaching contributed to increasing participation in the teaching process and provided an enjoyable course environment and teaching atmosphere. Finally, the suggestions presented by the researcher in line with the results obtained from the study were included.

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