Agnes Ada Okpe, Martha Ada Onjewu


The study is a follow-up to two earlier empirical searches conducted on the state of EFL in Nigeria but with a global relevance. It is born out of a passion to provide impetus to teachers and a transformation in the state of EFL in Nigeria in particular and the world in general; in view of the lackadaisical disposition observed among many teachers of English. UNESCO (2014, p. 9) declares that an educational system is only as good as its teachers. Hence professional self-development (PSD) is germane to the process of promoting excellent English language learning. The paper explicates the concept of PSD , the different strategies such as self-orientation, self-mentoring, peer-coaching, critical incidents, action research, teaching portfolios, teacher support groups, journal writing, among others; beams a searchlight on the challenges of PSD like economic downturn and unfriendly work environment, provides counsel to EFL teachers by enumerating the benefits of PSD which include deep rooted satisfaction and confidence,  respect and honour, relevance and growth with its attendant intellectual and material gains. It concludes that PSD is a composite act that enhances not only the teacher but also the learners, learning, the language and the world.

Keywords: self-development, strategies, teachers, EFL

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