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Ebru Şen


Musicogram is described as a graphical record of musical works and is one of visual music teaching tools developed by Jos Wuytack on the theory of active music listening, and designed particularly for children who do not have knowledge of musical notes. Musicograms are widely used in many countries and has been frequently addressed in the international scientific studies recently; however, there is a limited number of academic studies in Turkey on musicograms, yet there are applied studies on the use of these visual schemes in music teaching. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the musicogram applications in Türkiye within a certain theoretical framework. In this scope, musicogram studies and application examples with various names in different languages were reached through a web survey. In this way, the most popular names given to the musicogram applications in Türkiye were detected and a total of 227 musicogram applications that were uploaded to the Turkish pages on YouTube platform between the years 2000-2022 were chosen as sample. The musicogram applications were discussed in terms of various elements of music (such as melody, rhythm, tempo, expression, etc.) by means of document review, and were evaluated in line with Wuytack’s active music learning approach. The findings indicated that it is necessary to increase the number of studies in order to ensure recognition of musicogram and similar methods, techniques, and materials, which express visual presentation of music not only by the music educators, but also by preschool teachers and class teachers in Türkiye, and in order to conduct correct applications.

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